As animation becomes more popular as an art form and a hobby, there are more resources being developed that will help you. I’ve started collecting resources that you may need or find useful.

Software and Gear

Use the category tag ‘Software and gear‘ to find a collection of posts about software, kits, tools and gear that you might need.

Book and DVD reviews

In the ‘Book and DVD reviews‘ tag, there are reviews of useful books and DVDs that will help you to understand animation. There are books on technique as well as animation and film theory.

The Creative Process

The most important resource you have is yourself. By understanding and fostering your creative potential, you will be able to make your animated films. It’s essential to understand the creative process so that you can work through the challenges that will inevitably try to stop you and also to help you learn how to get the most enjoyment from it.

Free stuff

We all like a bit of free stuff! Use the ‘Free stuff‘ tag to find it.