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Make Your Own Marketing Animation

This is the FAST and SIMPLE Animation Workshop – for start-up marketing.

Do you need to market your business online, but don’t have a huge marketing budget?

Did you know that Animated Marketing Videos are the most effective way to get your message watched and remembered? Professional videos can be expensive but don’t worry there is lots you can do right now even with a microbudget!

You need the FAST and SIMPLE solution to marketing video material that works. Ideal for beginners, we will walk you through the process of making your own animated marketing videos, from effective scripts that work for you, through voice, music, animated images and even what to do with it once you’ve made it.

All you need is a laptop and a mobile phone. After the course you may want to purchase some low cost items that you will be using to make your videos, and the course will help you identify exactly what you need and try it out first.

Next workshop 18th July 2019

Tickets on sale NOW on Eventbright, this is an all day workshop at The Village Hotel Watford, Elstree, UK.

The great thing about coming on a course is that you have to make the time to actually do it. How long have you been saying, oh yes I’ll make time to do some research tomorrow? Well now you don’t have to do any of that research and time exploring because I have done it all for you. You will learn everything you need to know to make your very own marketing videos, so you get get started posting promotions on social media that people will stop to watch. Click here for all full details of the course.

Here is an example of one of the kinds of marketing video that you can learn to make: