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Our smart phones have become so important to us now that ‘phone separation anxiety’ is a recognised phenomenon.  For many they wake us up in the morning, they are the first thing we interact with, and they are the last think we check before going to sleep. During the day how many times do we look at our phones on average?

But how would you like to be checking your phone to see how much money you have made that day? Or to see how many potential customers have connected with you?

So what do most of us do on our phones? We tell the world what we want, what we are doing and what we like. Well what’s the problem with that? Nothing! But there is more to this picture than meets the eye.

Turn this picture around for a minute and look at it this way. Social Media platforms are the perfect place to find millions of people who are telling us what they want, what they are doing, and what they like. Now as a marketer you can see why this picture looks so good. Marketing is about finding out what people want, finding the service or product that will give them what they want, and bringing the two together by knowing what they like and even where they are.

I'm sure they are sharing a funny animated ad here!
I’m sure they are sharing a funny animated ad here!

What’s so revolutionary about social media as a marketing platform is that we all have access to it, and at the moment its free to find people who want something and very cheap to puts adds in front of them. Added to that, for the first time ever we can select people by very specific criteria to place adds in front of. Previously advertising by TV, Radio, billboards and so on, there is less chance of aiming your information at exactly the right people, who may want what you are offering, and for most of us its prohibitively expensive. Not only that but we can offer multimedia ads, and of course from my point of view animated ads are great on social media!

So let’s re-think social media for our businesses, and even for building passive income streams. Instead of talking to the world, let’s listen for a change. Instead of being marketed to, let’s do the marketing. Instead of spending time and money through social media, let’s earn money and make time for the rest of our life.

OK, sounds great, but how exactly do we do this? To say it can be done over-night would be seriously misleading, and anyone who says it can be is leading you astray. So yes avoid the ‘I can double your income by the weekend, if you pay me now’ types, because they are clearly only going to double their own. What is needed however is some training, good training, and that starts with checking out the quality of what someone knows before you sign up.

<< Find the best prices for ReThink Social Media on Amazon here >>
(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, and that’s how I fund this website, thank you!)

I want to share with you a good book I found on social media marketing, called ‘ReThink Social Media’ by Paul O’Mahony.  The model that is central to his new book is imaginatively called the ‘ReThink’ Model. Here’s a sketch I made from my notes at a workshop I attended.

The ReThink model is a useful way of analysing your online business or marketing your current business online. Here’s a basic breakdown:

R – Right Niche. Make sure you are working in a niche that drives people. Or rather make sure you have aligned your business to one of the three key drivers of human behaviour. Human beings are driven by the need for Health, Wealth and Happiness. That is what everyone is looking for on some level, and wherever we have a lack, that’s what we are looking to fill. You need to think about how your business can help people fulfil one of these areas. For example, what is a Vet offering? Help with your pet’s health? Well pets don’t book Vets the owners do, and pets are there for our happiness. So, a Vet is offering to help you maintain the happiness provided by your pet.

E – Evaluate the perfect customer. Customer profiling, making an avatar of your customer, seeing them as a real person, and even giving them a name. If you can’t visualise your ideal customer then your product or service may not have been developed in response to a need. It may be a business based on what you are good at, but not what is really useful to lots of other people (I did this for years, and consequently didn’t earn much). If that’s the case you may either struggle to get enough customers, or struggle to get them to pay enough. Time to go back to step one and think more closely about your niche, and develop your product or service accordingly.

T- Target the right traffic. Lots of traffic sounds great, doesn’t it? How many companies have offered to get you ‘lots of traffic’? But is there really any point in thousands of people on the other side of the planet knowing about your domestic cleaning service? This is where social media really comes into its own, because now we can actually do very targeted searches, and find home owners, with an income over X amount, who live in a specific geographic area, and put our adverts right in front of them on a daily basis (how many time do we check social media per day?). Now that’s useful for said company!

H – Help people for free. All well and good you may say, I have to earn a living I can’t be doing stuff for free all the time. Yes, the advent of the internet has generated an up-swell of ‘getting everything for free’. If we tend towards a negative mind set we can feel fed up about not being able to control information as was done in the past. But creativity is problem solving, and people are inherently creative, more to the point effective marketers use their creativity to turn things around and find the benefit. Essentially by helping people for free we are starting an important relationship, positioning ourselves as the expert, allowing people to try before they buy, and enticing them into our sales funnel at the same time!

I – Immediate upsell. If someone has given us their name and email in return for a free gift, or if they have enjoyed a free introductory training pack, or if they have tasted a free slice of cake, then it would only be polite to allow them to buy more of said product or service right then. It would be not only a wasted opportunity, but unhelpful to your customer not to do this. You are clearly helping them with a need, so don’t withdraw your help at the last minute. This model is sometimes called a ‘sales funnel’.

N – Nurture your database. Now you have started to build a data base of customers, look after them. Even if they have not yet spent money with you, if they have benefited from a free gift then they are a potential customer. What can you help a customer with if they are not yet ready to buy your product or service? We two key things come to mind; more information, advice or useful ideas from your niche area, and also other products and services that could be helpful to them. How does this help you? Primarily you are building a relationship with all your customers, becoming a really useful contact in their online life, and secondly if you become an affiliate with the companies whose services you are recommending, then you have a passive income from this.

K – Know your numbers. Online marketing is an arena that is evolving fast. Test things out, and measure the results continuously so that you don’t waste time or money on things that don’t work. Measure the time spent doing different online tasks, and the income that is generated by them. Not so easy when an activity is indirectly related to income, but that’s where understanding how all the parts relate to each other. If something is ineffective then rethink steps T, H, I and N. Getting these right will get the income in.

Phone love - why marketers love phones!
Phone love – why marketers love phones!

So that’s a brief summary of Paul’s ReThink model. If you have found this interesting and helpful why not buy the book?

<< Find the best prices for ReThink Social Media on Amazon here >>
(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, and that’s how I fund this website, thank you!)

Don’t forget to leave a comment below, if you’ve anything to add.

Thank you.

Lucy Lee

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