Entrepreneurs and marketers

Are you looking at your site analytics and wondering how to build up your visitors and spread your name across the internet?

Do you need to make a stream of content for your marketing, but don’t yet have a big budget for it?

Have you always wanted an effective YouTube channel, but don’t know how to make effective videos both quickly and cheaply?

There are lots of benefits to using animated video, but they can be expensive to make. In fact to give your business the best chance of successful marketing you need to have at least a few highly polished and unique marketing videos, and these will cost you several thousand pounds each at least.

However, as you may know, a marketing campaign can involve generating lots and lots of content and to be paying top notch for all of it will add up very quickly. Thats fine if you are an established business, but I’m guessing you are on this site because you don’t have a huge budget. You want to know how to make your own.

The great thing is that now you can. In the past this was a tricky thing to do, but now, due to the high demand from small businesses to make their own marketing video content, there are many online platforms and software that are both affordable and easy to use.

This page will introduce you to the best software for you to be using to make your own videos, SEO tools and tips, and advice on scriptwriting, understanding marketing, how to maximise the benefits of YouTube and video in general. As well as how to use social media for business, and how to make your videos really work for you.

Useful topics for entrepreneurs

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