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News Roundups

Animation News Roundup – January 2019

This month we have several interviews with unique independent animators and two titans of animation die. Netflix is producing even ...
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Animation News Roundup – December ‘18

In December another outstanding award is announced, this time for Jayne Pilling. Sadly Børge Ring, Stephen Hillenburg and Akira Miyazaki ...
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Animation News Roundup – November’18

November see's Bendazzi receive and award, Stan Lee dies, and the Miyazaki documentary is released in December. The Iceland advert ...
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Animation News Roundup – October’18

October see's Susan Pitt set for a life time achievement award, Ed Catmull will reture, and a sad farewll to ...
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Animation News Roundup – September’18

Animation news for September sees Clare Kitson awarded, the student academy awards being announced, as well as lots of other ...
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Festival and Funding Deadlines

February 2019 – Opportunities and Deadlines

Do you have a film ready for distributing? There are eight festivals you could apply for this month. There are ...
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January 2019 – Opportunities and Deadlines

Festival Deadlines for January 2019 Do you have a film ready for distributing? There are five festivals you could apply ...
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December Deadlines – 2018

Only one deadline this month! The 26th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film is open for submissions. Submission Deadline: 1st ...
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Opportunities and November Deadlines – 2018

Your monthly digest of current opportunities for animation enthusiasts, and animation festival deadlines. Residencies Deadlines for November NEF Animation, France ...
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Book and Documentary Reviews

The Secrets of British Animation

The Secrets of British Animation – BBC Four’s new documentary

BBC-Academy 7 2018 Dir Seb Barfield 60min Seb Barfield recently took on the impossible challenge of  making a mere 60 ...
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